Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sewing Sewing Sewing

It seems like i am cataloging rather than blogging right now! I am having much fun in doing so though. So today, i thought i would post a couple of sewing related pictures. My lovely boyfriend bought me a sewing machine for my 20th birthday in October. It is gorgeous. If our flat was burning down, i would probably grab that, my 1963 Playboy feat. Jayne Mansfield (what a hottie) and Boobalicious (the cat), and run like the wind. It has so many neat features, and still feels well oiled and brand spanking new. I love it.
All i want to do all day long is hunch over it and make clothes, repair clothes, customise, make soft furnishings etc etc etc. But alas, Band commitments and my degree prevent this from being such a regular thing. I do take comfort in dreaming that perhaps one day i may have my very own sewing room in a large house! Now that is living the dream.
So, less talk more photos. These are a small selection of recent-ish projects that i have completed:

Below, is a spur of the moment cushion i concocted entirely out of scrap fabric that has been festering in one of my sewing boxes. My sister donated the cushion inside, which was looking rather worn and tired, so i gave it a new lease of life by ripping it apart and stuffing it full of new padding. It was more than happy after it's little operation. I had been thinking about making a cushion for our nautical themed bathroom for a couple of weeks, and decided that an anchor motif would be relevant and simple!

Sometime last year i decided to make lots and lots of aprons from this pattern:

View 2 is the apron referred to here! I think my intention was to sell them (amongst other things) at a couple of local craft fairs, and maybe on Etsy or Ebay. My time management skills got the better of me and at present they lie sad and lonely in a case underneath my bed. There are lots of different colours and patterns, and most of them are one of a kind, having just bought one metre at a time of some fabrics which caught my eye! My mum had given me some fabric that were once cushions which she had sewn for her house with my dad when they were first married. I used this material (having to sew a couple of scraps together to fit the pattern!) to make one of the aprons, and decided to keep that one for myself. It is probably my favourite to look at, and also has a little bit of a sentimental value too! I like the idea of recycling fabric like this.

My favourite and most used sewing creation over the past few months has been a babydoll nighty that i made (also from a vintage pattern). I chose some sweet looking checked silk cotton from the fabric shop in town, and some of my favourite frilly edging and away i went! There are pattern pieces for some large knickers to match, but for now i am pretty comfy with just my babydoll! The thing that is so nice about it, is that is has sooo much material that just cascades from the shoulders down, that i can toss and turn however i wish, and will not get caught up in it!

The hanger in these photos is also a recent-ish creation of mine. I made it to go with a fancy dress french maid outfit that i have. You may be able to see the buttons that i covered with silk at the ends too.

I feel like i have saturated this post with photos! But i will leave one more. This is a recent pattern that i bought off of Ebay for pennies. I am hoping to make the coat on it i
n time for the end of summer (That should be long enough!!!). Im not sure what fabric to do it in yet, but it will definately be a medium brown, probably a wool of some sort!
This was fun!
Until tommorow!


Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Today i thought i would post a couple of pictures of my latest big bargain find. I have always wanted a dolls house, but have been so restricted by the extortionate prices for even the most simplistic catalogue houses! I have dreamed of something a little bit different from the norm, and something less "flat-pack" looking. I had been looking on ebay for yonks and kept seeing the same old styles until i saw it. Yes it. My house! I think i was almost as excited about bidding for it as i would be for a real house.
Unusually, this house is made primarily from solid pine and MDF, it weighs the same as a large chest of draws! It is truly one of a kind, having been commissioned by a local carpenter by the previous owner, who constructed the entire thing based on a picture of a victorian dolls house. It is so beautiful. The front opens up revealing 4 rooms and two hallways with stairs, and the attic also opens at the top to show two more rooms there too! It is all wired up and ready to be decorated, although i have noted a few bits and bobs that i want to tidy up structurally before i do this (for example, fixing an invisible latch to the front, and tiling the roof and porch).

Our kittie Boo decided she had to be in this picture, and when this arrived she proved that the rooms inside are big enough for her to hide in.
The most satisfying part of this purchase, was that it cost me £77. Shipping it across England would have cost me at least this and more, but my wonderful boyfriend arranged a courier through his work, and they very kindly delivered it free of charge. I do love a good bargain. I can't wait to make little bits and pieces for this. Although, let it be known, dolls house dolls are a little too creepy for my liking. I think this will be a people-less house. I may stretch to a couple of cats. Which reminds me, i did see a miniature tortoise on ebay which would look great in the little garden area!
I will be posting more pictures of this once i have done a little to it! I think i have decided on decorating it in a 50's kind of theme. I had even considered a modern finish, but i think this might look a bit boring, and Victorian decor is just not my thing!
However, until my dreaded exams are far in the past, and the manic tour with the band is finished, i will not let myself do anything to this! It would be far too easy to procrastinate with my much more pressing issues!
More pictures of other finds tomorrow!
Thanks for reading! xx

Monday, 27 April 2009

Bits and Pieces

Since my first rather dull post, i have been very excited about writing and adding more to this blog of mine. I keep walking around my cluttered flat noting things that would be fun to include and write about. My only problem being that i have no camera, except the little one on my phone! Nevertheless, I have added a couple of pictures of recent finds of mine. On the left, a small white vase with a cute scalloped edge, found in a charity shop for 70p!

Another find in my new favourite charity shop were two frames, 50p each, one white and gold and the other a dark brown wood effect, both to be filled with sexy bright pictures and hung on my wall of treasures (see below).

I have been on the look out for a wall mounted magazine rack for our nautical themed bathroom for a while now, something in a dark battered up old wood - not unlikely to be found in an old library or similar. But alas, car boot after car boot, charity shop after charity shop and ebay till my eyes hurt and still, no luck. However, i have found this cute little rack to bridge the gap between now and the ideal (which now looks as though i may need to make it myself). This was also a lucky find at the British Red Cross, and for £1 i could do nothing but celebrate (see stitchcraft magazine, an ebay bargain).

Thats all for today, i will be posting many of my other vintage-esque finds over the next week or two, and will also share with you a couple of my recent sewing projects that have reached completion over the last couple of weeks (including an anchor cushion, and a 50's babydoll nightdress!).
Adios! xxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I have decided to debut. Instead of waiting to sort out images, a theme, a banner and a direction for my blog, i thought better of it and have decided to just write. I still intend to cover these visual and structural details as soon as time permits me. Whats important right now is getting down all of the ideas swimming around in my head!

My name is not Dusky Ledoux, but it is the name of my blog. Having been inspired by other beautiful and entertaining blogs on vintage fashion and lifestyle, i have decided to contribute to this genre via own little URL. This being my intention, i must add that i, like most, live a very modern lifestyle, and sticking to vintage in a literal sense will be restricting for me. I'm going to think of this as a place to publish my ideas, crafts, daily adventures and finds in a way that is intwined with the past, but married to today. That is what is fun about vintage to me.

My next posts will be a lot less philosophical than this, and hopefully visual too!