Monday, 27 April 2009

Bits and Pieces

Since my first rather dull post, i have been very excited about writing and adding more to this blog of mine. I keep walking around my cluttered flat noting things that would be fun to include and write about. My only problem being that i have no camera, except the little one on my phone! Nevertheless, I have added a couple of pictures of recent finds of mine. On the left, a small white vase with a cute scalloped edge, found in a charity shop for 70p!

Another find in my new favourite charity shop were two frames, 50p each, one white and gold and the other a dark brown wood effect, both to be filled with sexy bright pictures and hung on my wall of treasures (see below).

I have been on the look out for a wall mounted magazine rack for our nautical themed bathroom for a while now, something in a dark battered up old wood - not unlikely to be found in an old library or similar. But alas, car boot after car boot, charity shop after charity shop and ebay till my eyes hurt and still, no luck. However, i have found this cute little rack to bridge the gap between now and the ideal (which now looks as though i may need to make it myself). This was also a lucky find at the British Red Cross, and for £1 i could do nothing but celebrate (see stitchcraft magazine, an ebay bargain).

Thats all for today, i will be posting many of my other vintage-esque finds over the next week or two, and will also share with you a couple of my recent sewing projects that have reached completion over the last couple of weeks (including an anchor cushion, and a 50's babydoll nightdress!).
Adios! xxx

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