Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I have decided to debut. Instead of waiting to sort out images, a theme, a banner and a direction for my blog, i thought better of it and have decided to just write. I still intend to cover these visual and structural details as soon as time permits me. Whats important right now is getting down all of the ideas swimming around in my head!

My name is not Dusky Ledoux, but it is the name of my blog. Having been inspired by other beautiful and entertaining blogs on vintage fashion and lifestyle, i have decided to contribute to this genre via own little URL. This being my intention, i must add that i, like most, live a very modern lifestyle, and sticking to vintage in a literal sense will be restricting for me. I'm going to think of this as a place to publish my ideas, crafts, daily adventures and finds in a way that is intwined with the past, but married to today. That is what is fun about vintage to me.

My next posts will be a lot less philosophical than this, and hopefully visual too!

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