Thursday, 14 May 2009

48 hours

It has been a painfully long time since my last post. I hope this never has to happen again! I am right in the middle of exams at the moment, and finding the time to write something good just couldn't happen! So far, 2 down, 4 to go!
My family and i had booked last weekend together for a while, and it was the first time in 4 years that we had a holiday together. It was not abroad, but to Centre Parcs, one of my favourite places of all time.
We had been on many weekend breaks there when i was much younger, with our family friends (who also came this weekend). Being surrounded by trees and squirrels, away from cars and city life was beautiful (even if this experience was shared with a thousand others!). I made lots of use of my Pashley Bike (borrowed from my mum), but stupidly forgot to take a picture of it. That in itself is a beauty! Maybe i will post this later.
Other highlights included: Seeing ducklings everywhere, bombing down the rapids over and over, the wave machine, swimming in general, feeding squirrels, the arcade, and our big barbeque.

My lovely-drummer-boyfriend, and my sister's drummer-boyfriend came along, and although i and said lovely-drummer-boyfriend arrived late on the Friday (after watching drummer-boyfriend playing a gig with Cage the Elephant), and left a night early (so i could actually revise at home, instead of finding excuses not to at Centre Parcs), the weekend was perfect.

For some reason, i only took a handful of pictures. I think i was too busy enjoying myself to remember to click!

Love Love Love

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