Sunday, 31 May 2009

Beautiful Sunday

This shall be my last post until sometime after Thursday, when tour officially starts! I still have two exams to go this week, and things are a bit intense with revision and getting my stuff together!
I had a lovely Saturday. We got up extra early to cram in all that needed to be, including buying the BF a new drum kit, food shopping for tour supplies, and a quick in and out to the marvel that is clutter city.
Clutter City is a bi-monthly craft fair held at the legendary Norwich Arts Centre, where a lot of amazing Norwich gigs are played! Held on a Saturday, the auditorium, entrance hall and bar are transformed into a stunning display of DIY craft stalls, from small ventures in buisness, to hosting some larger ones! Its a hotbed of young creative talent.


We got there just as it opened this time, and whilst we avoided the crowd, i think we missed out a couple of stalls that had not yet been fully set up. As expected, there was so much to look at, but with revision and other errands looming, we had a quick wizz around. Notably, Lady Luck Rules Ok had a stall there this time. I am familiar with their products because my sister is a bit of an addict, and had bought me a gorgeous personalised necklace from them for Christmas.


We also stopped and had a chat to our friend Amy, who always graces the fair with her beautiful hair accessories stall! I bought a gorgeous flower clip from her (see below) and took a cheeky picture of her and her stall (also see below). I'm dying to ask her to whip up a vintage inspired hair style with my bonnet. For now, i will have to deal with un-brushed sunday hair (once again, see below).
Check out her website: Flamingo Amy




Saturday night we played a gig for FEVER FEVER's single launch at the Crypt in Take 5 (a building hundreds of years old built upon a plague pit! Goth attack). What a great night! So much dancing, lots of people, and they even made party bags for all who attended (i scored a Frank Sinatra cassette tape in mine)!
Here is Ellie from Fever Fever looking a bit cool:


Today is Sunday, the sun is still shining and i have lost count of the amount of people biking, laughing and frollicking in the beautiful rays outside of the window. I am sat indoors zoning in and out of revision mode.
Not all is bad though, my wonderful boyfriend's Grandma sent him home with a box of thank-you chocolates for taking in one of her skirts for her, and i am presently sat with them and a nice cup of English Breakfast, skimming over moral philosophy.


I can't wait for this exam period to be over. Roll on freedom.
See you on the road lovers!



  1. Wow, that really does sound like a beautiful Sunday! Your friend makes beautiful hair flowers too. I still need to check out your band! I'll do it right now x

  2. i love your blog. it is so neat to read it. so u have exams to. me as well. but i have high school exams. i am in grade 12 though. and it is pretty weird. i love reading people blog's can you read mine and comment...