Monday, 4 May 2009


I always find that when i really need to do something, and I am really pushed for time, i find something else to do that does not need to be done.

My first exam starts on Monday, and i think it would be fair to say I'm less than prepared for it.

I have mountains of handouts and books to read in a short number of days (not to mention i am away at the weekend), but my eyes keep fixing upon my book shelf looking for other potential reads. I don't even do this when i am not revising!

So i though today's post might help my little brain out with this. I thought i would share with you some of the best books on my shelf.

1. The Thrift Book - by India Knight
(Published by the Penguin Group)
£5.19 new from Amazon

This has to be one of my favourite books of all time. It is literally jam packed with inspiration, and the feeling it leaves you with afterwards is something that has never happened to me with any other book.

The cover art hints to the topics covered inside. It is basically a how-to book on making the very most of every £ (or $ or another currency) you spend in beautiful and inventive ways. I think the wealthiest readers would reconsider how they spend their money, not just for finances sake, but for the sake of your conscience.

The topics covered are: Food (she gives numerous amazing, cheap recipes), clothes, crafts, community, having fun, beauty, holidays (a great idea here about house swapping), home and money (where she breaks down information about finance into understandable little chunks).

One of the best things about this book is the amount of website referrals she gives you. There are tons and tons, from make up to gardening, to holidaying to weddings and more. Although this is definitely written with the Englishman in mind, it would be just as useful to say, someone in America, as the websites are often American anyway, or ship there.

The only thing i felt that
wasn't quite relevant to me, was the bits about children, and marriage. Overall, there isn't a lot of this in the book, and it does not take for granted that these two subjects apply to you (which is good!), and in fact, i found that the ideas for children were quite appropriate to things i would try for myself anyway.

I am pining to re-read this book, and i suggest that if you
haven't already read it to rent it from the Library, or buy a second hand edition from Amazon! It is definitely worth the investment.

2. The Book of the Home
published by Meritshield Ltd 1981.

Continuing with the lifestyle theme, i give you this! This is a book given to me by my boyfriend's wonderful mum. I confess having not read the whole thing yet, but flicking through it is fantastic in itself!

It has tons and tons of pictures of "how to decorate your home" accompanied by lots of early 80's pictures of 'modern' homes. Best of all, it has loads of recipes, and "hundreds of helpful hints" (see below)

I just love the look of the pages in this book, and i am constantly on the look out at car boot sales and charity shops for similar books, as they provide lots of inspiration!

3. The Girl's Story Book
The Capella Press 1936.

I love old books and the way they smell. This is a book i found in a vintage book shop in Edinburgh. It was surrounded by lots of books from the 1800's, and although i was tempted to get something philosophy related, the likely hood of actually reading something that i feared breaking upon opening meant i opted for something a little newer, and a little sweeter.

I confess, once more, that this is another book that i have not read cover to cover, but just looking at the illustrations inside is enough for me!

I think it is hard to beat the beauty of vintage books!

4. Start and Run your own shop. Val Clark
published by How To Books Ltd. £22.98 Amazon

I don't want to seem obsessed with books that tell me what to do, but this one deserves a mention. I have conquered a third of this beast, picking it up from time to time to add a little more.

I dream of running my own shop one day. I'm still not sure what kind of shop, but i have plenty of ideas. Something to do with sewing i hope. This book just feeds my dream. It makes it seem so possible, and breaks down the seemingly most complicated parts of this process into something that anyone could understand.

It's well written, and very well presented, and keeps me reading every time!

5. Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk
from £2.75 on Amazon

The first adult fiction on this list. My favourite author, and the writer of Fight Club, i think you would probably love or hate this book. He writes at a relatively fast pace, but in a really weird way (if you have seen Fight Club the film, you will have an understanding of what i mean). I think it is brilliant.

This book is about a catwalk model disfigured by a motor accident. I wont reveal anymore, you MUST read it. Just when you think you know something, the rug gets pulled from under your feet.
This book really evaluates beauty if you ask me.

So, i have shared with you some of my favourite reads. Do you have any you think i should read?

Love Love Love xxx


  1. These all sound so fantastic! I used to read all the time, mostly poetry and strange novels, but haven't read much at all since I got married a year and a half ago. I miss it so! I am so thankful to be graduating this semester and I plan to start sneaking in daily time for reading, even if it is just a few minutes before I fall asleep at night.

    I absolutely must see if I can find The Thrift Book! Lately I always look through books at yard sales and thrift shops to see if I can find anything good. I have a growing collection of silly, and mostly impractical, vintage cook books.

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  3. These are all great suggestions! I'll add them to my amazon wish list x