Friday, 29 May 2009

Charity shop shopping shop


I have been cruising the charity shops around and about Norwich, and have picked up a handful of things. Two of them i am particularly chuffed with.
One of which is this suitcase! I'm not sure how old it is, but judging by the straps, not
that old. It's perfect for taking on tour, being just big enough for all of my outfits and equipment, but not too heavy and bulky to lug to each venue and digs.
I love the battered looking faux leather. For £4, i couldn't go wrong!


My other favourite find has been this bed spread. I bought it thinking of the material that i could transform into some lovely garment, but have grown attached to it as bedding!
It actually reminds me a bit of some Cath Kidson stuff, but the pleats make it feel a little set back in time, which i love, and at £2.50 it was definately the right price! With a good wash i will be happily snuggling under this floral wonder for some time to come!

Have you bought anything special from a charity shop (or thrift store) recently?


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