Thursday, 14 May 2009

Get Knitting

I strongly believe in work incentives. If you have something to work towards, it makes everything seem worth while.
I planned to buy myself a little something to reward myself for completing my exams this year. Although i haven't finished them yet, the first half of my little incentive arrived from Amazon last week. It is a book by Aneeta Patel called Knitty Gritty.
It is an instructional knitting book with lots of patterns and ideas to accompany your learning!

Although my mum had taught me to knit years ago (and i had successfully knitted a couple of very large scarfs), i had never attempted to cast on or off, and only had experience of garter stitch. So my mission over the summer was to brush up on my knitting skills, and put my vintage knitting patterns to g ood use.

As i mentioned, i have not finished my exams yet, i am only a third through, but i allowed myself a day of rest, and i just couldn't help but get the second half of my incentive, a roll of bamboo knitting needles from John Lewis.

These feel gorgeous, and at £14 are pretty reasonable. I have only ever been used to metal needles before, and i don't think i will be going back, at least not for a while.
So, with my book and needles (and some gorgeous 100% cotton yarn) to hand, and a practice square later, i gave my first pattern a go: Baby Boots.

Yes, i have no children, and i do not plan to have any in the near future, what is more, i know no babies, or any pregnant women. So, having made these gorgeous super cute little boots, they will be lying redundant in a drawer somewhere for an undisclosed length of time. What a shame! But i loved making them.

I couldn't find a single length of ribbon to w eave around the tops of them like i had intended, so will have to pick up some white-ish stuff when i next hunt for sewing bargains.

My next knitting plan is to knit a hat, and eventually, to start on a cardigan when i go on tour (the day after my last exam!), this should make the 3 weeks of traveling in a van fly by!

My much mentioned, lovely-drummer-boyfriend bought me the most gorgeous pair of embroidery scissors yesterday. I has mentioned their existence the day before, and the thoughtful thing bought them for me as a suprise on his lunch break at work.

The are in the shape of a stork! Nifty? Hell yeah! Their primary use will be to hang on a gorgeous piece of ribbon around my neck whilst i sew. I can never find my fabric scissors when i need them to chop little threads and what not!

Although my new book is awesome, i thought that a couple of the instructional pictures were a little complicated, and i have envisaged a great way of drawing them more simply, which i want to get down on paper and put on here (or youtube) as a tutorial for beginner knitters. What do you think? If i can learn to knit, its pre tty much certain that any one else can.

Oh one last thing, i nabbed these gems at a charity shop yesterday for £1.50 for all three bits. There are hundreds and hundreds of 80's knit patterns in two (almost record like) boxes and a massive instructional binder folder.
So if you are longing to look like you belong in ' Saved by the Bell' then please do not hesitate to borrow some patterns!

I am playing the Great Escape in Brighton tommorow, so i will see what i can find there to share with you!
I hope you are all happy and well!
Lots of Love


  1. I have really been wanting to brush up on my knitting as well. I can knit the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch, but that's about it. This past winter I attempted to start a nice cowl using circular needles and after a couple of rows of knitting I never finished it. I really want to start knitting again in my free time in the evenings after I put in a long day in my studio. I have never knitted anything from a pattern before and am so intimidated at the thought! The baby boots look so adorable.

    I have been dying to have those same embroidery needles! I think they are the sweetest thing ever made. :)

  2. I'm SO jealous you can knit! Please can you make some videos of you making the hat so I can learn? It would be brilliant! x