Saturday, 30 May 2009

Knitty bits

So, soon to appear should be my second knitting tutorial! Until then, take a look at what i have been making (in between revision sessions of course)!


Ok, so this is the second of these hats i have made now (amazingly, both out of the same ball of yarn, with some still left over)! The first looked good too, but i felt the knit was a little loose looking, and it was a large baggy hat.

This time, i still wanted it to be big enough to fit any head and accommodate a whole head of hair, but just to look a little more intricate! So i used a smaller sized needle, and followed the same pattern. The rib was the most challenging bit, but i think i have got garter stitch down now!
The model is my lovely sissy Charley!

baby stuff

You may have seen the pink baby booties i made on a previous post of mine. I bought the same yarn (Debbie Bliss, pure cotton) but in a pale blue colour to make lovely drummer Boyfriend's friend some baby boots and matching mittens for her new born!

As you may be able to tell from the picture, i still need to sew them up and thread ribbon around the tops, and i have also started to knit a little baby version of the hat above!

The nicest thing about these, is how luxuriously soft they are! 100% cotton feels so soft, just right for a baby!

The last thing i will share with you is a pattern that i scored at a charity shop amongst a box of vintage knitting patterns. I was so tempted to buy them all, or at least most of them (they were very very cheap at 40p a go!) however, i probably wouldn't get round to making lots of sweaters and jumpers just yet, and by the looks of the shop they weren't going anywhere anytime soon!

So here it is:


I absolutely love the idea of wearing a pill box hat. The pattern gives you the option to make a hard shell one, or a soft one - see below - both of which are very appealing!


For me though, it has to be the turban. It is something i can see myself wearing (sometime after the summer heat wave) with many of my outfits!


This pattern caught my eye because i am a beginner knitter (and have not attempted any items of clothing yet), and is something i can try over again without going insane if the first attempt doesn't quite work out.

I bought some fuzzy-esque yarn to knit a couple with today, in an off white colour. If it does prove to be a good pattern, i shall opt for something a little more luxurious (perhaps a fuzzy cashmere!)

So, for now, watch this space!

Tomorrow's post contains craft fair fun, and flowers for your hair!


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  1. Hi, so glad you are going to enter the "competition"! I love hats but I can not knit. I used to have a leopard skin pill box hat which I wore alot and it was quite appropriate as I used to (and still do) love the Velvet Underground. I love the turban style too because not many people wear them nowadays! Keep knitting girl!