Friday, 1 May 2009

Music to my ears

A thrifty Anecdote.
My gorgeous vintage record player. I found this beauty on a community website called Gumtree for £10! I gave it a good clean, and found that ascetically, it was in near perfect condition ( bar the front 'bush' strip being missing'), but it didn't run smoothly. This just would not do. My plastic sounds had remained ornaments, unplayed since i packed my awkward modern deck away into the attic when we moved.
My friends made me aware that there is this fantastic shop in our lovely city of Norwich called
'The vintage TV and Wireless shop', only open on Saturdays, but with a workshop just o
utside of the city. I took my little gem as soon as i could, and they couldn't do enough to help! The place is set out to be what felt like a 50's living room, filled with stunning televisions, radios and record players from various decades. What a dream! A week later i picked her up and low and behold, she ran like a well oiled machine, and my strip had been replaced. It cost me next to nothing, and she has a full year guarantee.

This is a post that i questioned writing! A large part of my time is consumed by singing in a band called the Brownies, I'll spare the details but you can catch us here. I thought about writing this blog with no mention of this, perhaps as an escapism, but i cannot escape the fact that it is a massive part of my life these days, so like today, i will occasionally update you with what is happening.
We played a gig on Wednesday night with a band called Innerpartysystem from America. To be honest, i had never heard of them before (I'm sure this was a mutual feeling), but it was a great night! I took much joy in standing at the merch stand after we played (something i have never done before) and talking to people that enjoyed the gig, whilst watching the other bands entertain.
Yesterday i took myself shopping to find an outfit suitable for a video shoot we are filming on Saturday in London. It had to look smoking but have no emotional attachments to me (hence the new purchase), because lets just say, its going to get bloody. The most exciting thing about it is that we are filming it at Ealing studios, probably the most famous British film studios and definately the oldest. Films that have been shot there include: Star Wars, Batman, Shaun of the Dead and more recently the sequeal to the Decent. But more interestingly for me, it was home to most of the films that made early British cinema between 1930 and 1959. I will definately be treading on sacred ground. If you want more of an overview, head to wikipedia and learn!
Below is the outfit i plan to wear! It is a little simple, but I decided that this is probably a bit more timeless, which will reduce any embarrassment in 10 years time. I shall take some more interesting shots of it in action at the weekend!

Skirt and top both £7.99 from H&M.

We recorded our album over the past year (out on NRONE records) with a couple of really amazing producers; Andy Gill (Guitarist in Gang of Four, and producer of, among others, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Futureheads), and Jon Gray (producer of The Subways). Although majorly stressful at times, it was probably one of the best experiences of my life so far! If you want to read more, or hear some of the songs, head here. Otherwise, here are a couple of pictures of the album itself, and a previously released single (only posted because it is a pretty blue one):

'Cougar' is the first single off of our album, to be released next week. The artwork is by a fantastic local artist called Gemma Correll, who does the cutest looking illustrations. Check out her website!

Finally, our official release date for said album entitled OURKNIFE YOURBACK is in June. Which means that the advertising campaign is already underway! I though i would add a little image from Uncut Magazine, with our full page add inside! It's the little things that make it all feel worthwhile!

That is definately a weight off my chest!

I will post some pictures of the historic Ealing Studios after my visit there this weekend! I invested in a rather good digital camera today (as you can probably decifer from the pictures, i have not yet read the settings manual). So will try to take some more inspiring and better focused photographs for you to enjoy!

One last thing, if you do read any of my posts, don't be shy about leaving comments! I'd love to meet new people, and I'd love to hear what you think!

Love xx