Sunday, 7 June 2009



Exams have finished, life is good, and i am on the road.
The band and i have been traveling up the country for 3 days now on tour, and i have a couple of things to show you that may be of interest!

We played a gig in Sowerby Bridge, a small town near Halifax on the first day away, and it was by far the hilliest place we have played a gig. I couldn't actually comprehend how they travel out of their homes in winter. There were a few moments to snap some quick pictures whilst we loaded Glenda (the van).



We stayed at the promoters house that night, which was rammed full of amazing vintage furniture and quirky finds. I took soooo many photos it was hard to choose which to use, so i narrowed it down to just a couple!





The girlfriend of the promoter found all of her treasure at local second hand shops, and said that no body in the area appreciated such things. This made me think... you could apply the rules of a 'booze-cruise' to vintage finds. A thrifty road trip? This sounds like a plan for after tour!

Hopefully once we reach Scotland, i will have enough daily internet access for some substantial posts! My time so far has been spent knitting like crazy. I have almost run out of yarn, so must find somewhere in Edinburgh to replenish supplies!

What have you done this weekend?