Thursday, 30 July 2009

Album Reviews

A little about recent band happenings.
I may spread this out a bit over the next two days.
There is a back log.

All recent endeavors have been in the name of this little beauty:

oh yeah

Our Album "OURKNIFE YOURBACK", sat proudly on the shelves of HMV and other record stores alike. Produced by Subways producer Jon Grey, and the famous Andy Gill from Gang of Four (see below)

andy gill. Photo by Andi Sapey

I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. Lame as it may sound, i used to fantasize about being in a band with an album in HMV when i was a pre-teen.

More excitingly than this, it has been well received, more than any of us could have predicted or hoped. We are but one band, on our small independent record label, and we are being reviewed alongside both massively famous well established artists, and mercury nominated breakthrough acts. If it all ended now i would still be freakin' happy.

So here are the most notable write ups to date:

Q Magazine

Q review


NME review


artrocker review

Ok, so i may as well have just looked in a mirror and pleasured myself.. But really. I had to write this all somewhere!
On a more light hearted note, here is an interview we did a few months back for Plan B magazine:

Last ever Plan B
Plan B interview

(You may need to head to Flickr to enlarge this little beast!)

So, head here for more Brownie info and to buy merch. Yummy.
I hope you are all well. I have crafty things to share with you.
Until next time!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


It has been well over a month since my last post. So much has happened. Although i have been reading my blog reader religiously, I just haven't felt like posting! I have decided that from now on, i am not going to think as much, and just post instead.

Highlights of what has happened:
  • The band finished the tour and officially released our album! This incurred rave reviews from some amazing magazines! We also played one of top UK festivals this weekend for Radio One DJ Huw Stephens.. AND IT WAS AWESOME!(an entire post on this later)
  • I have been knitting and sewing like crazy. Cushions, birthday presents.. etc. (note also the gorgeous 40s scarf i picked up on tour travels below). I even reworked a vintage dress that i wore for aforementioned festival!

knitting on tour

  • My lovely friend Karin from London came to stay for a weekend, and i found out that she also has a blog! You may need to learn Swedish, or just look at the pretty pictures. We had such a fun weekend of shopping, walking and drinking around Norwich!


  • My gorgeous man had his 30th Birthday this weekend also! We had a gorgeous party round his mama's house, and i bought him some old spice!
Lees birthday fun

  • I passed my year at Uni! One left to go... who knows what i will be doing this time next year.
I have many fun things planned to share with you all very soon!
Hope you are well!