Monday, 31 August 2009

Mademoiselle Paris

I have spent the past week designing and making something to enter into Mademoiselle Robot's competition to win tickets to Paris!

I wanted to make a playsuit, and had to enter an image that represented Parisian style.. So i thought i would combine the two!

The play suit is made with a semi-stretchy cotton.. and feels comfy enough to wear in bed at night, but also supportive enough to wear out and about!

The back and legs of the play suit are inspired by the flair that french knickers have... because they are so sexy, flattering and sweet looking!

It took a lot longer than anything else i have made.. I don't have a dress form, so i had to be my own! I also did not use any patterns, and did no pattern drafting as such. It was a kind of free-style sewing.. hehe. Hardly technical, but lets me be optimally creative. Just remembering to use the bias of the fabric is important for me.

As i mentioned in my last post, i made tons of bias tape to finish all the showing seams of the play suit, and it really brought all of the carefully arranged stripes together, and ensured it hung perfectly.

Excuse my cheesecake poses. I modeled it with daytime and nighttime looks in mind!


I cannot wait to make another one... Next time something with a Peter pan collar!


Friday, 28 August 2009

Uh Uh UH

blog of 28/8/09

Monday, 24 August 2009

Mustard Cushion

I made this cushion one afternoon a while back, after playing with a strip of fabric. I had been thinking about making a cushion out of velvet, but for the texture of this cushion i had designed in my head, it had to be felt.

I love felt. It reminds me of being really young and making pictures out of felt shapes on some kind of 'sticky' backing.

The other great thing about it is that the edges don't need finishing, and it's easily manipulated. Score!


I couldn't make up my mind about adding some kind of contrasting edge, but decided on a black one. Which worked great! It frames the whole thing, matches my furniture, and gave me a place to hide a zip.


Boo was feeling far from camera shy! It turned into her own personal photo shoot!


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Let's make things..

This summer i have spent my free time creating things, and improving bits of our flat.

I really enjoy having somewhere peaceful and calm to come back to. Space is a necessity to accommodate my ridiculous amount of belongings, but we still have enough left over so i have somewhere to make new things, send letters, and type with my clunky typewriter.


When we moved in, we bought an extendable table for dining at, and put it in the living room. I love eating meals at a table, but it has never been that practical to do so. There is always a mountain of stuff parked on top of it, and the sofa is sat a few metres away mocking our attempt at pulling the table out. So we always dine with food on our coffee table. It's comfy too.

So, our extendable(yet never extended) table became my sewing desk, and our old bed side table became an extension of it... and before long i had my own craft suite taking up a whole wall in our living room.

Then i saw
this via Casey's blog. It is so beautiful! I was so immediately inspired by it, and had to sort out my desk.

I think one of the prettiest and most practical things about that gorgeous craft spot was the place to hang tools/chalkboard. If anything frustrates me when making things or sewing, it is not being able to find something that i know i have within a 1 metre radius. Even more frustrating is having a great idea, and not being able to jot it down. So i knew i had to have something similar.

I bought some MDF and nabbed some chalkboard paint from downstairs, and made two lovely long and narrow boards. One for the kitchen, as a weekly meal planner, and one for my craft table.

I had already dedicated the wall behind my desk as being a wall to eventually be completely covered by frames with my favourite images in them.
You can see an early picture of this on one of my first posts
I had to do a bit of arranging to get them to accommodate their new wall friend.

fun wall!

My whole project took me less than half a day, and has already made a world of difference to our living space. Just looking at it makes me feel super organised.

So here it is. My re-vamped, re-worked work space.

work space

I cant wait to take it for a trial run!

Where do you make things?



Thursday, 13 August 2009

Berry good..

I spent the weekend just gone playing gigs. Two in one day actually.

One was spent in Halesworth, at 'Gig in the park', the other that night in Diss. It was a bit surreal, but fun all the same.

Sunday morning i was wide eyed and awake, and wanted to spend the day doing something fun. I had been meaning to go fruit picking for a couple of weeks, and couldn't get the thought of raspberries out of my head! It had to be done!

So, i enrolled my sister onto the mission and we set off in search of a pick-your-own-fruit farm.
I thought there would be a plentitude in Norfolk. I was wrong.

After 25 minutes of driving, my little car was gasping for more petrol, and i asked for some directions at the station. We got back on the road with our vague directions, and low and behold a few minutes later... we found one!

Not only did this place have all the pick-your-own fruit on EARTH, it had tons of little chicks cheeping around the driveway and around all of the fruit rows.
Armed with a bucket of raspberries, we headed home.

I smothered mine with yogurt. I dont know what Charley did to hers.

raspberry picking!

Things i have done this week:

Had a band photoshoot in the woods,
Made a cushion,
Sent some letters,
De-cluttered my clothes (see ebay link soon!),
Drawn lots of underwear designs.

What have you done this week?


P.S. Norwich was named as one of NME's future 50 last week. The only location mentioned! Check it out here. I am second from the right!