Thursday, 13 August 2009

Berry good..

I spent the weekend just gone playing gigs. Two in one day actually.

One was spent in Halesworth, at 'Gig in the park', the other that night in Diss. It was a bit surreal, but fun all the same.

Sunday morning i was wide eyed and awake, and wanted to spend the day doing something fun. I had been meaning to go fruit picking for a couple of weeks, and couldn't get the thought of raspberries out of my head! It had to be done!

So, i enrolled my sister onto the mission and we set off in search of a pick-your-own-fruit farm.
I thought there would be a plentitude in Norfolk. I was wrong.

After 25 minutes of driving, my little car was gasping for more petrol, and i asked for some directions at the station. We got back on the road with our vague directions, and low and behold a few minutes later... we found one!

Not only did this place have all the pick-your-own fruit on EARTH, it had tons of little chicks cheeping around the driveway and around all of the fruit rows.
Armed with a bucket of raspberries, we headed home.

I smothered mine with yogurt. I dont know what Charley did to hers.

raspberry picking!

Things i have done this week:

Had a band photoshoot in the woods,
Made a cushion,
Sent some letters,
De-cluttered my clothes (see ebay link soon!),
Drawn lots of underwear designs.

What have you done this week?


P.S. Norwich was named as one of NME's future 50 last week. The only location mentioned! Check it out here. I am second from the right!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I'm going on to London to study, so I'll be living there till December. I think my uni campus is in East London. Thanks for the tip about Norwich! I'll definitely be on the lookout for interesting places to visit! ;)

  2. Uh, must have been heavy with two gigs in one night.

    It sounds like a great Sunday breakfast, even though you had to go trough some effort for it. But even better that way perhaps :)

  3. SILYBUM THE CHICKEN! im looking very mismatched in that picture i have to say. xxx