Monday, 24 August 2009

Mustard Cushion

I made this cushion one afternoon a while back, after playing with a strip of fabric. I had been thinking about making a cushion out of velvet, but for the texture of this cushion i had designed in my head, it had to be felt.

I love felt. It reminds me of being really young and making pictures out of felt shapes on some kind of 'sticky' backing.

The other great thing about it is that the edges don't need finishing, and it's easily manipulated. Score!


I couldn't make up my mind about adding some kind of contrasting edge, but decided on a black one. Which worked great! It frames the whole thing, matches my furniture, and gave me a place to hide a zip.


Boo was feeling far from camera shy! It turned into her own personal photo shoot!



  1. That pillow you made is awesome!

    I love your cat! Such gorgeous eyes!

  2. I absolutely love your cusion. OMG its amazing. I wish you'd make us one. It would so go in our new kitchen diner sofa we've just bought... Rhonda..