Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I played Offset festival a couple of weeks ago, and spent the rest of the weekend watching some awesome bands.
Drummer BF got to meet his heros Future of the Left, and i got some pretty funny snaps of it. I have never seen him so giddy when we were watching their set from the backstage area.

Offset Festival

From Offset, we headed down pretty much as south as you can get in Great Britain, to Cornwall - ST IVES for a short break. I really cannot stress how scenic Cornwall is. I had never been before, and it is just the best place to relax!

We stayed in a little cottage on the harbour front, and that was our base from which we did so many fun things... including:

Hiking on cliffs, boat trips to seal island, crab fishing, Eating at Rick Steins Cafe in Padstow, seeing the fat tame seals every night in the harbour, talking philosophy in the pitch black at the end of the pier at night, eating tons of ice creams/seafood/yummy stuff, visiting the Cath Kidston shop, looking around the St Ives Museum at all of the old vintage collections, craft stalls...

I could get even more indulgent in this list but will refrain!

St Ives!

My dream boots came a couple of days ago.. after a legacy of internet searching!
Office had taken them off their website almost straight after i looked at them. So i emailed them, and they told me that there were literally only a couple of pairs left, linked me to a special page.. and WHAM!
My size! I couldn't believe it! My clown sized feet saved the day! It was one of the few times where i have been eternally grateful to have UK size 8 tootsies.
If fate exists, that was it.

So i have been strutting around in new boots ever since (my feet are suffering slightly - they aren't fully worn in yet - but it's so worth it). I shall share some outfit posts this week to show you just how much use these beauties are getting (and therefore how their use really does justify the money spent on them..;) )

I started my final year of Uni yesterday, and it looks really great this term. Strangely, i am only on campus one day a week, and this will leave me with a lot of time that requires much self-motivation! Oh no...
I have a lot of questions about what i am going to do after this degree. So many things play around in my mind daily... doing an Masters, becoming a teacher, starting a business, getting a full time job, taking a gap year... The sick thing is that i really need to decide very soon.. but these thoughts change so rapidly that i am worried i may choose wrong! Has anyone else ever had this kind of dilemma?

Another final note! - I turn 21 on the 3rd of October, and am organizing a themed party to celebrate my official adulthood! Most people i have contact with in blog world are so many thousands of miles away, but if anyone wants to come or finds themselves in Norwich that weekend, i extend the invitation to you!


So, never to let anyone feel left out in celebrations, i have decided to host a birthday competition on my blog beginning this weekend! Details will be posted very soon :)

Tell me something fun!



  1. Oh wow--it sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time! I just love all these photos... they're so gorgeous!

  2. I looks like you had a nice holiday!

    I have been out of college now for 6 years and I still have no idea what I want to do with myself. Taking a year off to figure things out might not be a bad idea. Work really isn't that much fun... esp when you don't like your job.

  3. At 3 october I have my b-day!!!!


  4. Sounds like you had a wicked time!
    WOW about the boots! Most people would never think to email them. It just goes to show, if you don't ask, you don't get!
    I wore brand new DM's to work once and my feet actually bled. I recommend wearing thick socks and wearing your boots round the house lots. And pre-empting blisters by covering your feet in plasters.