Thursday, 10 September 2009


Ok, so i stupidly left no time to post a little something letting blog-world know that i am going on holiday from the 5th September.

It being the 10th of September i thought i would let you know (better late than never!) that today is my last day of holidaying.

So, me and my Mr spent Saturday at Offset Festival. I played early in the day, and we spent the rest of the day watching bands. A short 7 hour trip on Sunday and we were at our holiday destination... St Ives in Cornwall! Where we have been relaxing ever since!

On to my next train of thought... What fashion magazines do you read regularly (if any) ?

I have never been one to stick to one publication... and i only buy sporadically. So i really have a very shallow understanding of fashion mags in general.

I picked up Harpers Bazaar during the week... and quite enjoyed it (i also dont know if there is a differenence in issues between UK and US). I mean... the pages felt nicer than most... and their collages are really well put together but thats about as much as i can determine!

Am i embarrassingly misguided?

I need some help.. I almost subscribed.. but i thought i would put it to you knowledgable people before i commit to something that may actually be inferior!

What do you think is the best fashion magazine out there?
P.s. I'll be back online on Saturday to catch up on your beautiful blogs and reply to emails properly!


  1. I hope you are having a nice holiday!

    The only fashion mag I subscribe to is Lucky. Other magazines I will purchase sporadically or wait for my friend to pass on to me. These include Vogue, Teen Vogue, Instyle, Elle, etc.

  2. What a gorgeous spot to holiday at! :)

    I'm not a huge fashion mag gal; I used to be, but decided to stop subscribing or buying any over a year ago. But every once in awhile I'll flip through an issue at a newsstand! My favorites used to by Lucky, Nylon, Teen Vogue (I know, I know... guilty fashion tripe. haha!), and occasional issues of InStyle and Elle. I think Lucky was always my favorite though, if nothing else for their spreads on how to put outfits together. Always fun and inspiring!

  3. aw wow that spot looks gorgeous!!!!!!
    Really the only fashion magazine i swear by is Lula, and I really like all the Australian ones like Russh!

    but it depends entirely whats in them! :D