Monday, 12 October 2009


competition winner

DIGITAL MISFIT is the winner of my Birthday giveaway!

Happy Birthday DM!
I shall drop you an email!

Thanks to everyone else that entered! I shall stage some other kind of competition soon enough.. they get me all excited.

I played two gigs this weekend, Bristol and Newport. Both were pretty awesome, and the latter ended in what can only be described at the funnest, most drunken dancing ever. I did not imagine i would ever say this (the word itself makes me sick a little in my mouth), but i moshed so much that i think i gave myself whip lash (no, really!).
I need some tips from Andrew WK.

So i spent last night in PJs feeling sorry for myself, home alone with Boo (seeing as Mr Ledoux is away touring), painting my nails, writing some lyrics, and eating stew under a duvet, watching Peter Andre on TV.
If you are finding this hard to believe, or just have no imagination, here is a picture of said event:

night in with boo



Friday, 9 October 2009

Ode to a birthday.

I had such an amazing birthday. It truly was the best birthday of all time!
The bad news?
I literally took no photos. Zero. I was too busy having a good time, but regret not taking just a little snap or two now!
I am in the middle of rallying together friends who may have a couple of kodak moments from the night... Mainly because i was dressed as a native American, and we all looked cool.
Here is a small sample:

photo by flob!
Photo by the beautiful FLOB!

Enter my birthday GIVEAWAY!

I may be 21 and a week now, but you still have time to celebrate like it's your birthday!

I am off on mini-tour this weekend, Bristol tonight, and Newport tomorrow!

When i am back.. i have some bloggy fun planned.
Also, the winner of the competition will be announced!



Thursday, 1 October 2009

Birthday GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway! Check my blog!


For some reason, i am much more excited than any other year!

To celebrate, i thought i would host a little giveaway a-la-blog!

The gift?

Well, there are two:

"Statement" mittens! It's getting chilly where i am, and i can feel Autumn settling in. So what better way to keep your little fingies warm than inside a pair of 100%-softer-than-anything-ever-cotton mittens, with some big crazy bows? Hand knitted by moi, in front of the X files.


All-purpose apron! This apron is also a Dusky creation. Lovingly hand made with a beautiful eyelet trim! You can wear it when doing all important domestic chores, or as some kind of ironic feminist attire!

(Both will come beautifully wrapped with a little birthday card from me!)

If these one of a kind hand-made prizes take your fancy, there are many ways to enter:
  • Re-post this competition on your blog!
  • Join this blog as a google user on the left hand side of this page
  • Tweet this competition

Do as many or as few as you desire!

You will get one entry for doing one of the above,
and two extra entries for every extra one you do!

Make sure you leave a comment telling me what you have done!

I shall close the competition at 6pm GMT on Sunday 11th October, draw a name from entries in a hat, and will announce the winner shortly afterwards!

Goodluck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!