Friday, 9 October 2009

Ode to a birthday.

I had such an amazing birthday. It truly was the best birthday of all time!
The bad news?
I literally took no photos. Zero. I was too busy having a good time, but regret not taking just a little snap or two now!
I am in the middle of rallying together friends who may have a couple of kodak moments from the night... Mainly because i was dressed as a native American, and we all looked cool.
Here is a small sample:

photo by flob!
Photo by the beautiful FLOB!

Enter my birthday GIVEAWAY!

I may be 21 and a week now, but you still have time to celebrate like it's your birthday!

I am off on mini-tour this weekend, Bristol tonight, and Newport tomorrow!

When i am back.. i have some bloggy fun planned.
Also, the winner of the competition will be announced!




  1. I am glad you had a fun birthday!!!

  2. just found your blog, happy belated bday!

  3. Happy, happy birthday!!! :) (A little late... I'm so sorry! :p) I do the same thing all the time with my birthdays--forget to take photos because I'm so caught up in the moment! hehe!