Monday, 12 October 2009


competition winner

DIGITAL MISFIT is the winner of my Birthday giveaway!

Happy Birthday DM!
I shall drop you an email!

Thanks to everyone else that entered! I shall stage some other kind of competition soon enough.. they get me all excited.

I played two gigs this weekend, Bristol and Newport. Both were pretty awesome, and the latter ended in what can only be described at the funnest, most drunken dancing ever. I did not imagine i would ever say this (the word itself makes me sick a little in my mouth), but i moshed so much that i think i gave myself whip lash (no, really!).
I need some tips from Andrew WK.

So i spent last night in PJs feeling sorry for myself, home alone with Boo (seeing as Mr Ledoux is away touring), painting my nails, writing some lyrics, and eating stew under a duvet, watching Peter Andre on TV.
If you are finding this hard to believe, or just have no imagination, here is a picture of said event:

night in with boo




  1. Aw, I wish I won.... maybe next time :)

  2. yay!!!! thank you so much :)
    I can't wait for the lovely mittens and apron. With this weather, those mittens will come in handy sooner than expected.

  3. Hey, I like your music. It makes me flail madly.