Monday, 2 November 2009


Isn't change a bitch. It happens so fast.
So many things have changed since I last blogged (which was sometime in the stone age).

Numero Uno:

Nathan left the Brownies. We’ve been a fivesome for five years of our young lives, and being a foursome will take a long time to get used to!
Wrapping our heads around it has been hard, but to ease the blow we have Paul ‘the legend’ Dewbery standing in with us until we find a permanent replacement.

Number TWO!

I am a radio presenter. Yes indeed. I have tried and dabbled with it on occasions this year, and it has turned into something more permanent.
I co-present on BBC Radio Norfolk for their Introducing show, which airs on Friday nights from 7pm till 8pm!

Tune in, or listen back at any time by clicking on the icon on the left hand side of this blog, to hear the sounds that make the music scene in the East of England so amazing.

Drei Drei Drei:

My hair is a shade or 5 darker than last time, and I am addicted to Wii Fit. The latter, I assume, can only be a good thing.

Wow. I’m running dry on my changes list already. Perhaps not that much has actually changed.. which is weird, because life feels a world away from what it was a month ago! I love it.

I also have 101 different little projects simultaneously being completed at present.. and it will be my job to document these on my precious little bloggy-woggy.

Starting with this:
crop top. Draft.

Whats that?
You don’t know what it is?
Um.. are you stupid?
Can you not see?…
Actually.. ok it’s understandable. It was an experiment.

It came straight from out of my head, through my fingers, and into a pair of knitting needles as thick as a dog’s leg.
I call it: Stage one of a knitted crop top.
Once tweaked and completed, it will be made out of a much lighter, more indulgent 100% pure silk yarn. It will be part of a sexy, lighter-than-a-feather-brushing-past-you-in-a-cool-breeze underwear set.
Note that I use the term ‘Underwear’ loosely here, as the set will offer no support to any part of one’s body whatsoever. Perhaps it is better described as an enticing house-wear ensemble or perhaps as the pawn in a tease game with your lover?

All I know, is that it will feel as though angels are licking your skin... and that is all that matters to me.

By the by, the looker in the picture is my new BFF, and my pride and joy, Ursula.
She was a birthday gift from my mama and papa.
Unlike most dress forms, Ursula has a crotch, and can wear panties.

You go girl.


So, until next time (which will be much sooner than the gaping hole that has been the time between now and my last post).



  1. Welcome back! I love the crop top idea! Great for layering x

  2. Congrats on the radio gig! Gah. I think I could listen to BBC radio all day--I just love the beautiful accents. :) (I'm such an American... lol!)

    Anyway, yay for a new dressform!!! I've been dying to replace my garish, maroon one for eons. But I've got my heart set on a nice, professional type form--totally too pricey right now! ;) haha. Can't wait to see the results of your knitting project--I just love the idea of knit lingerie! :D

  3. who the fuck cares about this?

  4. Charley aka your loverTue Nov 24, 12:46:00 pm