Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thank you cards (+ tutorial)

Thankyou cards

I've been meaning to post this for a while!
Coincidently, its Thanksgiving! Thank you... Thanksgiving.. HA!
I don't really understand that much about Thanksgiving traditions, i don't know if you give cards?
I just don't know!

WHAT I DO KNOW... is that i had the most amazing birthday ever, and have a lot to be thankful for in terms of fun times and amazing gifts.

I have to admit, i have NEVER sent Thank You cards before. Some people do it after every birthday and Christmas, but i am not one of these people!

It's not that I'm an ungrateful bi-hatch, it's just i have a lotta family, and never get around to it!

Actually... maybe i am a bi-hatch.

This year, however, i am a fully fledged 21 year old swan.

Time to grow up and get posting!

There are so many down sides to buying cards in my eyes.. they are so over-priced, unimaginative, impersonal and usually wet and crap.

On the other hand, i LOVE receiving any kind of card. They're quick, simple, avoid hassle and generally look the part.
It's obviously another 'DIY' complex I'm harbouring.

I'm going to make some similar Christmas cards using my* stampy method. I love it's effect, it's not always precise, so each card is a little bit different - personalisation SOLVED!

So, i leave you with this, my tutorial.

It is so simple a gerbil could work it out..

but if you somehow still manage to get stuck (perhaps we are soul mates?), then just ask.

You won't get stuck.


(*I learnt to print in playschool using potatoes.. hehe)

thankyou cards

Mini Tutorial
  • Cut yourself some equal rectangles, out of thin cardboard (the size you want the cards - duh), fold each in half, put to one side.
  • From a sheet of soft foam (the kind found in a kids craft aisle), cut out 9 shapes (of your choice) of similar sizes (but not identical), I chose HEARTS!
  • Similarly, cut out the letters that spell out your message.
  • On two separate pieces of thick cardboard-box-type-cardboard (cut to the size of your cards), arrange and stick down (with double sided sticky tape, or good glue - not pritt stick) your shapes on one, and letters on the other.
  • WARNING - make sure that you stick the letters/words down back to front... think about it logically!
  • Trim closely to the boarder of your stampies, in order to make STAMPING easier!
  • Paint your shape Stampy with whatever paint you like (i used acrylic because it showed up best on my black card- but ink or even watercolour will work on lighter coloured card)
  • STAMP your shape Stampy on the card, go on... STAMP! You will need to re-paint they stampy after each stamp!
  • Leave to Dry!
  • Repeat with your wordy Stampy, but in a different colour!
  • Leave to dry again!
  • For the centre of your card, stick a smaller square of white, or contrasting paper down to write your message - i also cut mine out with a wavvy cutter for added cuteness.
LAZY TIP - Use tin foil instead of a palette for paint, and save on washing up! WOO


  1. These are so cute! I love that shade of blue.

  2. Cute! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  3. Hey - saw you on the Facebook page for the swapping party! So excited and it looks like there are some amazing bloggers (yourself included!) going so I'm looking forward to it so much!

  4. I am so inspired, I will definitely be using this method for my xmas cards!
    'Have a cool yule' is my xmas greeting of choice :)
    Thanks for sharing xx