Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Brag Slag

I'm a disgusting person - ONE blog per month?
Let me swiftly ignore this fact, and bombard you with pictures.

But first, did you have a nice Christmas? I certainly did.


I baked, hung out with my besties, sister and mr, played some gigs, made some things, received some amazing presents, spent a fortune, ate a lump sum, freaked out with uni work and other life-orientated happenings.

tampon swishy fun at punk

December started with my first blogging event, hosted by Tampax. Yes Tampax. The tampon company. It was awesome.

A swishing party to be precise to launch their new product, Tampax pearl (which may i add, and note that i am not endorsed by Tampax in any way, are the best tampons as far as tampons go - no word of a lie - try them and you will see what i mean).
A swishing party i learned, basically means you take clothes you dont want, and swap them with ones you do.

However, with my one of my besties Karin in tow, and a stop off at Wagamamas preceded by a whole bottle of wine, we arrived a little late, and the pickings were slim!
I did manage to bag a cute dress, which i gave to my sister, and a long sleeved pink jersey body suit, which i am sure i will find some use for. Karin bagged some beauties too!

It is such a good idea, that i am thinking of pinching the idea, and doing something similar in Norwich, minus the Tampons (or not?).

Since the night was a blogger night, i ended up meeting the lovely lady who's blog i never fail to read with a tea in my hand,
MJ of

Her blog is awesome, and what i like best, is that she is a DIY queen! She makes lots of things (see below).
She was lufferly, just as easily pleased with the free drink and cupcakes as Karin and I, and from Hull - where half of my family reside. I was chuffed.

Pictures from MJ's Blog

So, after stocking up on enough tampon samples to last me at least 6 periods, and countless other December happenings that i should have blogged about but didn't, we arrived at Christmas.
Oh Crimbo, i love you.

And Mr Ledoux, how i love you, for getting me this rad vintage ring (and tons of other amazo gifts).

leopard ring

Although i would love to be a brag-slag and post a picture of every gift i got this year (because i really, really was spoiled by everyone i know), i shall hold back.

I will note however, these two handmade beauts that my sister bestowed me.

Mr Bowie, the pom-pom owl, and a cupcake pin holder that attaches to your wrist, your sewing machine, your table, your cat, etc.
What is more, cuppers matches some slippers i got from Santa!

Sister love

Both Charley (sissy) and I have been getting our making on.

I drafted a pattern for an over-sized attachable collar, and made it in a silky satin with red lace edging. One side is a creamy white, and the other, a charcoal black with charcoal ties to make a bow at the front (this needs a little tweaking, as the weight of them at the moment sort of distorts the shape and hang of the collar - smaller ties need attaching instead!).
It also needs pressing, hense the creasy-ness.
This is a gift for one of my besties Vicky.
Which has still not been given.

Reversible Collar

I have also been making my own buttons, to adorn some cushions i have been knitting. They are oversized (sense a pattern yet?) hearts! More to come on these beauties soon.

red and black blog finished

I am also in the midst of the biggest knitting project i will probably ever undertake - a massive heavy black basket weave throw for a king-sized bed.
If this ever gets done, i will celebrate extravagantly.

Speaking of which, have an AMAZING New Years Eve tonight!
I am spending mine celebrating Mike Sheils' (Sheilsy-baby's) 21st birthday.
Here is a pretty picture of him (bottom):


I've been surrounded by the best people in 2009! Met lots of new ones, and have had so much fun.
Thanks to everyone who has commented on this little blog this year, it makes me tres happy!

Expect much more on this site very soon.


Love Love Love


P.s. Rhonda, if you would like me to make you some cushions drop me another comment with your email babe!


  1. Glad you have been doing well! Love that vintage ring!

  2. Finally!!!
    been waiting, glad you've had a nice xmas, you deserve it dusky!
    and you do deserve being sponsored by tampax pearl, or the very least ordinary tampax, for such beautiful compliments to their brand. :)

    how do you make buttons? want to as well!!!


  3. Lovely to hear all your goss!! More frequent blog posts for 2010 please miss! :)
    I was supposed to be going to the Tampax thing too but couldn't go in the end for various reasons. Lame!