Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tattoo + Illustration = AMAZING GIG

Just a quicky.
I got a new tattoo at the weekend.
My sister and i had a pact for some time to get each others name tattooed.
I want to say that it was in some sort of ironic way, but really, we are just totally in love with each other.

However, she got hers done months back, on what i presume was a whim, and miles away from me.. NOT how i invisaged our romantic escapade Charley.

So i punished her for a few months, denying all knowledge of a pact, and even vowing never to get a tattoo again.
But this weekend, WINK, mine and Lee's amazing tattoo-man, scarred my foot for life with his amazing needle skillz.

Gemma Correll, one of my favourite illustrators of all time, designed my tattoo for me, because she is so lovely.
Here was my shitty sketch of what i wanted (position-wise):


This is what it transformed into:
tattoo - designed by Gemma Correll, and tattooed by WINK!

She also designed our band's two singles from our debut album:

You can these pictures and browse more of her fantastic work here!

AND her popular flickr group 'what i wore today', along with her favourite selection from the flickr group on this blog.

Mademoiselle Robot wrote a great post about the group on her blog.

In conclusion, that was the story of my weekend.

Oh... plus the most AMAZING GIG EVER on Saturday night. If you EVER get the chance to see Future Of The Left play, do not pass it up. Or i will have to kill you!

LOVE love,



  1. Oh wow! Did the tattoo hurt? I have a tiny star on my wrist. It took about 2 seconds to do so it wasn't too painful.

  2. Wow, amazing - show me it when I see you tomorrow! God, I can't wait! :)


  3. i'm loving the tattoo, and the color choice for it :) and i love those illustrations for your band!

  4. Amazing tat, how sweet! And the single covers are great.
    Hope you had fun at the Tampax thing, I couldn't go in the end, gutting :(
    You should post about it, I wanna hear the goss!