Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Work Clothes and B R O T H E R S

I made it to day two of caring about what I wear to work.
This was such a feat this morning, that I've been treating myself all day long to tons of sugary treats.

I'm about to venture out of the house to a mammoth 6 hour practice tonight with my new band


You can check out our crazy songs HERE.

Tomorrow morning I'm becoming a market stall holder for work!
Starting at 6am and standing in the cold until the afternoon, giving out information about the history of the high street.
Everything I wear tomorrow will be thermal and unattractive for sure.
So take a glance at what I wore today instead:




I heart my mittens on string.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Work Clothes

I’m really struggling to come to terms with the concept of work clothes.

When I was a student getting dressed was easy-peasy. Sometimes I didn’t even get dressed – I’d just wear nighties and watch films all day. I was living the cliché and loving it.

Now that I’ve graduated (see HERE) and I’m working two very different jobs, playing in two bands and presenting two radio shows - picking outfits has become a total chore. 
I don’t have any rules or guidelines to follow and that makes things EVEN HARDER because I’m constantly trying to assess what it acceptable and what is not acceptable in the work place. 
Most of my dresses and skirts only just cover my bee-hind and I’m pretty sure that’s not ok.

I wish I could wear nighties everywhere.

The stress of thinking about appropriateness means most days I wear plain clothes and no make up. This makes me feel rubbish and slightly sad. BOO HOO.

So I’m turning over a new leaf. From now on I shall stop wallowing in confusion. I will be dauntless in my clothing choices.

Here is today’s attempt at:

a)    Dressing for work at the BBC 

b)    Avoiding a Dana Scully skirt-suit





What do you wear to work? 


Friday, 2 July 2010


I'm sooo all about being thrifty at the moment.

I have to be - I'm in the process of making the biggest purchase of my life to date (details to follow when everything is actually set in stone). 
It's mega exciting, but admittedly, my lack of golden nuggets has been draining my fun a bit!

Whenever I have to tighten the old purse strings, I turn to my bible - The Thrift Book by India Knight.

I've posted about it before because it is just exceptionally motivational.
She writes intelligently about simple thrift on a range of topics - from food, to beauty, to clothes and beyond. 
It's amazing. Enough said. Invest in a copy, or borrow it from the library and read it cover to cover. I insist!

So, my point, is that when faced with the cold and boring reality of keine Geld, make something out of nothing.


This is literally the culmination of aging scraps I found in my cupboard/fridge and a basic recipe with improvised extras




Caramelised onion, mustard and thyme scones, topped with crunchy sunflower seeds and Red Leicester


Served with butter, boyfriend and a best friend for a night in swapping football stickers (which were given to me in the first place... so it was super super free!). A happy alternative to wallowing in moneyless self-pity.

I'm not going to lie. Knowing that there are so many things I have been eyeballing for eternity in the summer sales at LouLou Loves YouAgent Provocateur, Vivienne Westwood and Topshop (to name just 1%), is SLOWLY CRUSHING MY SOUL. 
My lack of will power means that browsing them is unfortunately a daily occurance, but my new, tight fisted mind set just makes it is a fruitless, frigid activity that leaves me sad, lonely, and all the more frustrated.

Don't even get me started on festivals, holidays and summer nights out.

However, somewhere deep in my mind, I believe that it can actually be more fun, having no money. Seriously. 
It makes me appreciate everything single thing I am already lucky enough to have.

Saving money might not be sexy to most people, but a rancid turn off for me is having stuff you can't even recall buying two days after tapping in your 4 digit pin.
Food is just the beginning in my path to saving millions ... I'll show you more soon!


Friday, 28 May 2010


First of all, Hello to my new readers/followers/tweeters! You are by default (and from the depths of my haaart) my new BFFs.

Secondly: Sorry for the poor quality photos this time - they're all phone pictures!

Now, Let's get down to business:
This is, at the crux of it, an outfit post.

However, you may remember me telling you about an online T.V. show that I am presenting for BBC Norfolk Introducing. Well, we filmed the studio links for the second episode yesterday - and I can show you some sneak preview pictures!

I co-present the programme with the beautiful Greg Hackett (from the just as aesthetically pleasing and totally awesome band - The Loyal Few)

Isn't he sharp?


Here is what I wore:


Dress: Zara
Faux leather Jacket: H&M
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Office

Photo by Greg Hackett

Photo by Greg Hackett

Photo by Greg Hackett

There are some really exciting features on this episode that I can't wait to tell you about!

We're so lucky in Norfolk to have such diverse and supportive music scenes! 
It makes me really proud.

After a fun afternoon of filming, I headed to an evening of art and disco as my band mate and besto, Maxie Gedge, had her work in an exhibition:



Even the Spice Girls were diggin' the smoke machine:


I hope all you Brit's have a decadent Bank Holiday Weekend! I'm spending mine viewing houses (a whole other EXCITING story...), BBQ-ing, Family-ing, Working and hopefully sewing...



Monday, 24 May 2010

DIY NAIL ART - Gem Fatale!

I'm here to tell you a thing or two about:


Well, actually, I say nothing in this arena with any competence - I can't touch my cuticles because both their name and their existence makes me feel sick, and I have not once worn fake nails. 
However, I like painting, and more than that, if I have spent hours on a piece of art, I sure as hell want to see it 24/7 and have it handy to brag to brag about too.

So when one of my favourite people ever, Gem Fatale, showed us how to do DIY leopard print nailz (WAH style) REAAALLY easily (with the result being little masterpieces on each finger) I wept a single tear of sheer happiness. 

A tribute to her amazing blog post was the amount of people who emailed her their own DIY pictures (myself included) - and I don't know about the other DIYers, but the whole tutorial got me a little obsessed and carried away...

First of all, watch Gem's tutorial:

This was my first attempt:

Photo 9

An improved version can be seen in this becrazed picture taken a few days later: 

Photo 17
(Yes, that is a zombie tooth)

Then came the Monet inspired period:

Followed by another Gem influenced piece:

Image: Gemfatale.co.uk

My Tribute:
Photo 28

This weekend, I attempted candy stripes. I instantly realised that I had become too cocky because every line ended up wonky. So instead, I am calling this - the blue zebra:


You must have a go at this! It's amazing how many people start to notice your nails!
 Also, Gem's blog is amazing - but you don't need me to tell you that - so go read her latest post!
I'm off for a pizza! Trying to decide what to wear (you know - for the inevitable hot cheese spill).

What other designs could I try?


Friday, 21 May 2010

DIY FRIDAY - Hair Flower Clip tutorial

I would pretend that my disappearance from this blog has been because I am so much more important and busy than any other blogger (including you) and that I couldn't possible manage to write a blog every now and then because unlike you, I actually have a life, and stuff to do, and did I mention how important I am?
But that, my beautiful friends, would be telling LIES.

I actually have been very busy, but who isn't? 
This isn't a rhetorical question.
 I actually do not know anybody who isn't busy, do you?

I did decide to take a elongated break from blogging to coincide with the last month of my degree (which is now finished - WOO) because my fragile mental state could not handle thinking about much else.
I feel 100 times more inspired and motivated now, FOR LIFE.
So lets get it on.



DIY Hair Flowers
 Wearing flowers in your hair is not a new concept -and of course neither are faux-flower accessories. My problem is that I am a bad parent to my accessories (or any of my other possessions smaller than hand), and their cost does not sit comfortably with my negligence. 
This tutorial is really cheap and allows for ultimate customisation. WIN WIN.

First off, If you need some inspiration, you MUST stop off at these two ports of call:
  1. Loulou Loves You's new line of flower head pieces are to die for (if you have the money, I  URGE you to spend it this way) 
  2. South Pacific - WATCH IT AND LOVE IT.

You will need:
  • Some fake flowers (usually cheap - I got mine from Dunelm Mill - £1.40ish for a whole stalk of these ones below)
  • Very Strong Glue (Mine was £1.99 from B&Q)
  • Felt (a similar colour to your flowers)
  • Hair slide clips (any kind you like - these ones below are just my personal favourite and are beautifully cheap at £5.40 for 72, yes, 72. From SALLY)


1. Cut or carefully pull the flowers and leaves off of the fake flower stalk (you can buy these from home department stores - they come both big and small - so go NUTS)

2. Cut a small circle of felt and place it inbetween the clip



3. Arrange the flowers and leaves as you might like them on the clip (try to think of how it will sit in your hair)

4. One by one, carefully glue each flower onto the clip - catching any 'loose' glue with the felt. The trick to this step is to do it slowly - wait until your glue is tacky rather than wet and then hold each flower in place as it dries.



5. Wait for your clip to dry completely



(5.a. Trim the felt back a little if it is obvious! Also - If like me - Your felt is a different colour from your flower or leaf - colour it in with either felt tip or ink or water based paint - and 'fix' it with some hairspray)

6. Wear!


I swear, they are like pringles. 
Once you pop and all of that.
I keep making sordid little trips to garden centres and splurging on 'hair flowers'.


Are you a hair flower kind of person? How do you wear yours? 

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!


p.s. Thank you for sticking around and reading this after such a long break - You are my everything!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

NEW T.V. Show / BROWNIES recording / DUSKY shop

Just another quicky... 

As always, many things have prevented me from my bloggy wog, and this upsets me.

I'm in the studio this week recording with the band at the legendary Leeders Farm studio with David Pye himself - one of the leading men in beard owning.
We're getting 4 new tracks down before our beautiful drummer/best friend Mike moves away to Leeds next week, to pursue another drumming role with Dinosaur Pile Up. BOO HOO. 
On the bright side, we have a new song called 'Tropical Linda'. Need I say more?

I am also coming towards the end of uni too.. so things are intense as ever! However, as promised, it's not much longer to wait until my new Dusky shop item is up for sale - but for now, it is STILL possible to buy a tooth necklace - but be quick if you want one - because when they are gone they are gone!

I've also been making TONS of new DIY experiments that i need to share with you. To tide you over, my new online T.V. show is finally available online! It's only the pilot (we've already recorded the second episode) - and for some reason, i am talking like an animal in heat - apparently my nervous defense involves sex eyes and shoulder dancing.

Watch it here:

Hope yaaa'll well!

Tell me something new?



Thursday, 11 March 2010

50% necklace discount and pictures/YeahYeahYeahs and The Brownies Live Video!!

I'm working super hard on the next creation to go into the Dusky Shop. It's sexy, and I love it.

However, this also means that there are only TEN days left to scoop one of the remaining Gross Tooth Necklaces:

Mmmmmm Gross Tooth necklace in sexy presentation box

When they are gone, they are gone, and I shan't be making more!

If you are skint, then get a load of this baby:

For the first 3 people to click on my shiny new EMAIL ME button to the left, I will send you a MASSIVE 50% discount code, PLUS free shipping
Sit on my lap and call me Santa huh?

Now, if you want to see how amazing you might look in a a GTN (gross tooth necklace), check out the marvelous Gem Fatale in her  gore-tastic necklace:

 She was also spotted at London fashion week by BOOHOO.com, wearing her necky:

Basically, i think i might be in love with her.. her cat, and her blog.

In other news:

I had an operation yesterday - only a minor thing - but i got put under general anesthetic and have only been able to sleep for 4 hours since! 
I woke up at 6 this morning, wide awake designing a dress in my head and making a mental list of things i want to buy. So at a slightly more reasonable hour, I called my beautiful mama and went for an early morning stroll around Norwich with her.

Somehow, within the space of 10 minutes, I managed to buy 2 blazers, a faux-leather jacket, a skull t-shirt, a ruffle dress, some patent court shoes and book myself a hair cut. 

I don't buy stuff often, and had no idea it could be this easy. And it was so cheap - All the jackets were from H&M who have a £10 off jackets offer at the moment, which made the blazers £5 a pop. 
Sweet as a nut. 
I'm never shopping after 10am ever again.

Predictably though, I crashed around mid afternoon and haven't done a whole lot since bar eating and watching DVDs.

So instead of a fashion show for your viewing pleasure, I thought I would show you one of the many videos popping up on facebook and youtube of our recent Brownies gigs.

We hardly ever do covers, but my beloved sister Charley, recorded this special one-off beast at our Record Label NRONE's 5th Birthday party gig at Norwich Arts Centre. 

We played Yeah Yeah Yeah's -Date With the Night
Screechy, messy, fuck yeah.

I'm so tired, that I'm watching the Hills. 
It's the only thing that keeps me angry enough to stay awake until a proper bed time.


P.s. Make sure you listen to my BBC Norfolk Introducing show tomorrow night for news of the new T.V. show and to hear the Kabeedies take over the air waves! Ohhhhh..

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

T.V. Show / New Top

Well hello. 

Two love bites of information for you: 

I have a new T.V. show coming out at the end of this week. It's a BBC Norfolk Introducing production, presented by myself and my lovely co-presenter Greg, showcasing lots of little sessions/music videos/interviews/features with the best up and coming bands across the region but also elsewhere!
I finished filming for the pilot episode tonight, and it looks amazing!

If should be available to watch online at the weekend!

New top. New top.
This is what I wore today. 
(Now, after 4 hours of recording, and one massive indian meal with Lee, you might notice that the twinkle has left my eye, and i am, to say the very least, a tad bloated).

(Lets play a game... it's called spot the crap in the background. 10 points for each item spotted)

Anyway, to cut a long story short - filming had some rather specific clothing dos and donts - and my wardrobe was just one HUGE dont.
So after two panic attacks and pissing a few people off yesterday, i settled with a lace body from topshop. 
But, it was not meant to be. My torso must be abnormally long, because there was a serious camel toe situation to deal with when i tried it on.

Today however, on a little trip to take back the evil lace body, i stumbled across this top in Miss Selfridge - a shop I never go in to - and I immediately fell in love.

What do you think?

One last thing. I have started a facebook group for Dusky Ledoux.
I'm going to endeavour to make it something different from this and my twitter - a place to see caasssual photos and talk to like-minded people... YEAH?

Love Love Love

Thursday, 18 February 2010

SWAMPED: Fever Fever

This is just a quicky. The good kind of quicky that leaves you wanting more, not the bad kind that happens by accident.

I have a shitting ton of Uni work and god knows what else dominating my time over the next couple of days, so i thought i would leave you with a little musical inspiration.

Fever Fever are one of my favourite bands around.

I shan't waste any space describing just how great their new tracks are, you should just head here to listen for yourself. If you only listen to one track, let it be MONSTER.
I played it on last weeks BBC intro Show (which you can listen to here still until tomorrow), and have not stopped playing it over and over in my little jukebox head since. 

I've added some more photos to the SHOP 



Monday, 15 February 2010

NEW SHOP OPEN: come and take a look!

I can now reveal what i have been working on:

My new Shop!

Now, its pretty basic, BUT - It's not like a normal shop.

There will only be one item available at a time - and this will change like clockwork every month (or in the case that the item sells out).

Fun huh? 

Every design will be either an item of clothing or an accessory, but you won't know what is coming next (unless i drop a clue somewhere on my blog).

All of the designs are going to be made on a strictly limited run, and are, of course, made with my own little hands using the finest materials i can source!

So, What do you think of the first design? Too gross to wear? A candid reality of life as the tooth fairy?
I hope so.

Check back soon for a picture heavy post about how to wear your necklace!



Thursday, 11 February 2010

New polka-square dress + R.I.P. + The NEWS!

Ok, so. I promised to tell you something fun today. 
You may have noticed a new tab to the left... Shop? Shop what? It links nowhere?
This weekend, i will be launching a shop. 

But what kind of shop? What will i sell?

WELL. I shall keep that under wraps for just a few more hours. Sozza! I hope this isn't so annoying that you won't even come back to see...  BECAUSE IT'S GONNA BE FUN I PROMISE!

To bridge the gap, I have to show you my new dress.
It's a beaut. 
I saw it on Gem's amazing blog months ago now, from when she went to a preview of H! by Henry Holland - his line for Debenhams. And i fell in love. With a dress? Yes. A polka-square dress.

It's a little shorter than i expected, and a much breezier fabric. Also the (fantastic) box pleat at the front provides a gal with a lot of material hanging around, and i found when walking today i had an awkward dress-inbetween-my-thighs situation every 5 seconds. 
So i am deffo not wearing it again without a slip of some kind.
It's my favourite dress in ages.
Be quiet and show me a picture already!


I have a reaaally important day tomorrow -  
Record label (NRONE)'s 5th Birthday Party gig!
I'm not only playing it... but also reporting from it for the BBC in a radio car! 
(Everything will be ok if i don't swear.. )


I don't think i could write a post today without mentioning the sad death of Alexander McQueen. There are thousands of words all across the internet about this tragedy and what an amazing man he was, but what sticks out to me is that he was just 40, and should have lived a lot longer - and it saddens me to think that mental health is still so overlooked. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010



Sorry about the silence. It has purpose this time. All will become clear very soon.

For now though, I thought I would share with you my Wednesday afternoon procrastination project.

Now, I am not usually one for slogans. 
I hopped on the Nu-Rave band wagon when i was 18, and bought a 'Drop beats not bombs' t-shirt in neon pink. I only ever wore it once to a Hadouken gig, and gave up on it soon after (and Nu Rave...).

If i were to wear a slogan these days, it would have to be something self indulgent.

Queue this:

New tote!

"Oh no she diii'n"

I'm not even sure how i pulled the creepy heroin-addict face above.

New bag

Anyway, yes, yes i did. I made a tote with my name on it. Well, not really my name, but my blog name. Is that worse?

What is more.. it wasn't a two minute project. Oh no. That would have left time for uni work. 

I decided to cut the individual letters out of a remnant of PVC fabric my sister used in textiles at school (where she made, without doubt, the most horrendous PVC handbag that has ever existed).

I then fabric glued them onto my tote, and straight stitched the edging of every letter in place.

Painstakingly cool.

New bagaroo

Moving on.

I have something very exciting to share with you tomorrow. For real.

Until then, lets get our social networking on! 
Please feel to use this post to leave your blog addresses, twitter pages, facebook groups, bloglovin pages ANYTHING. I want to get to know you better! 

On a similar note, i have a new email address, so if you want to get in contact/send me abuse, direct it HERE

Until tomorrow... 


Monday, 25 January 2010

GIG face: Vivian Girls, Twee Off!

This weekend has been a bit of a musical extravaganza. Uh-huh.

Saturday night was Twee off at Norwich Arts Centre.


It's a bi-monthly privilege for all residents of the Eastern regions, or those open to travel. 

Luckily, my hombres know where it's at.




My band played the last one, along with one of my favourite bands of all time : Future of the Left. A band louder than fuck, and amazing. Just amazing. Even this little digressing trip down memory lane is giving me sexy shivers.

SO, this time around, the headliners were Vivian Girls - an NYC band who seem cute, popular with the people, and very NYC.

Opening the night were Norwich band Follow your Heart. If you have even the smallest soft spot for the Beach Boys you might like them.
Strangely soft rock and harmonies seemed to be the general theme for Twee Off on Saturday, a night renown for heaaavvvyy sounds. 

Both bands were all about dreamy, creamy sounds that i can imagine listening to in a field on a sunny day, slightly inebriated to the point of elation about life.

Photo by Maxie G

Not usually my cup of tea  (milk and one sugar please), but pretty fun. 
 The bassist, through her enchanting sway, took me to a place where there was free love 70's style.


The highlight of their set was a harmonised vocal number performed by all three girls, a la:

Photo by Maxie G

Although enjoyable, i didn't quite see the total hype about this band. What i took away from the gig was that some musicians just can't look happy on stage, as well as an overwhelming desire that has developed to eat sausages and pancakes in a hip New York cafe with these girls, chit-chatting about tattoos.

Have you heard of either of these bands? What do you think of them?


P.s. I tried this new thing with my hair. Seamy.