Friday, 22 January 2010


I always thought that most people suffered from DIY syndrome, but apparently not. 

I get this drug like kick from making my own things. Knowing that i am the reason that something exists gets me so high to the point where i end up feeling narcissistic about being such an amazing narcissist. 
It's grotesque, and i fear having children for the same reason.

The worst thing about DIY syndrome is that you tend to over-estimate your skills and all objects transform into some kind of challenge to make...

This is my newest creation from my brain issue.

I call it, Dress.

blog done dress new yes 2
new dress blog finished yes

Is there anything you think you could easily make, but never do?


My darling bum-buddy Maxie Gedge, the brains behind GRAVY zine, and long-time Brownie is opening her week long exhibition at STEW in Norwich tonight.

" A schizophrenic presentation/documentation of Norwich music, linking visuals and noise. Featuring work by: Dan Tombs, Jamie John Chopping, Mark Jennings, Maxie Gedge, Iain Ross, Nathan Pounds, Andi Sapey, Fliss, and more!
Plus an extensive and brilliant array of posters and zines from Norwich present and Norwich past. "

Come and abuse the free alcohol and food and watch some amazing bands like Bearsuit and Fever Fever.


The second best thing would be to listen to my BBC Introducing radio show at 7pm tonight, HERE!


  1. The dress is really cute! I wish I could sew.

    I love your hair, btw :)

  2. I love this dress, clever girl! and the fact your nails are different colours on each hand, fabuloussss. xxx