Sunday, 10 January 2010

Yes Please

Blah blah my new shoes blah blah

Nou Shoes.

They smell like tasty rubber.

Now that that is over with, i was hoping to show you the dress i made my sister for her birthday (tomorrow), but i finished it just in the nick of time to give it to her yesterday, with no time for photos to spare! DUH! What a jeb.

The good news, is that i am making myself something identical-ish, but in a different colour combination.
Which i will document to death-death.

All i offer is this:

by night

My sewing dungeon.
Actually, I spent today with my mama buying things to make it a more functional and comfortable place to sew.

Including amongst other things:

A desk tidy
A bin
A small sleeve ironing board

new stuff

Oh god i live a fast and exciting life.

But, I also bought this:

feather trim


I can't wait to show you what its for!

Whats new with everyone?
What are your plans for January?
I need updating!



  1. Glad you love the shoes! Are they comfortable?

  2. I love the last shoe-pic, it's like a reversed page 3 thing :) haha, only joking.
    i like the shoes though, they are very prettyy and i wish i had the courage to buy shoes like that. what is holding me bac? seriously? maybe i should get a pair of heels.... RAMBLING.

    anyways, good job on the outfit pic above. hope i see you soon again! big kisses!!!

  3. LOVE those shoes.

    I'm kind of in love with your blog lady, now following :-)