Thursday, 18 February 2010

SWAMPED: Fever Fever

This is just a quicky. The good kind of quicky that leaves you wanting more, not the bad kind that happens by accident.

I have a shitting ton of Uni work and god knows what else dominating my time over the next couple of days, so i thought i would leave you with a little musical inspiration.

Fever Fever are one of my favourite bands around.

I shan't waste any space describing just how great their new tracks are, you should just head here to listen for yourself. If you only listen to one track, let it be MONSTER.
I played it on last weeks BBC intro Show (which you can listen to here still until tomorrow), and have not stopped playing it over and over in my little jukebox head since. 

I've added some more photos to the SHOP 



Monday, 15 February 2010

NEW SHOP OPEN: come and take a look!

I can now reveal what i have been working on:

My new Shop!

Now, its pretty basic, BUT - It's not like a normal shop.

There will only be one item available at a time - and this will change like clockwork every month (or in the case that the item sells out).

Fun huh? 

Every design will be either an item of clothing or an accessory, but you won't know what is coming next (unless i drop a clue somewhere on my blog).

All of the designs are going to be made on a strictly limited run, and are, of course, made with my own little hands using the finest materials i can source!

So, What do you think of the first design? Too gross to wear? A candid reality of life as the tooth fairy?
I hope so.

Check back soon for a picture heavy post about how to wear your necklace!



Thursday, 11 February 2010

New polka-square dress + R.I.P. + The NEWS!

Ok, so. I promised to tell you something fun today. 
You may have noticed a new tab to the left... Shop? Shop what? It links nowhere?
This weekend, i will be launching a shop. 

But what kind of shop? What will i sell?

WELL. I shall keep that under wraps for just a few more hours. Sozza! I hope this isn't so annoying that you won't even come back to see...  BECAUSE IT'S GONNA BE FUN I PROMISE!

To bridge the gap, I have to show you my new dress.
It's a beaut. 
I saw it on Gem's amazing blog months ago now, from when she went to a preview of H! by Henry Holland - his line for Debenhams. And i fell in love. With a dress? Yes. A polka-square dress.

It's a little shorter than i expected, and a much breezier fabric. Also the (fantastic) box pleat at the front provides a gal with a lot of material hanging around, and i found when walking today i had an awkward dress-inbetween-my-thighs situation every 5 seconds. 
So i am deffo not wearing it again without a slip of some kind.
It's my favourite dress in ages.
Be quiet and show me a picture already!


I have a reaaally important day tomorrow -  
Record label (NRONE)'s 5th Birthday Party gig!
I'm not only playing it... but also reporting from it for the BBC in a radio car! 
(Everything will be ok if i don't swear.. )


I don't think i could write a post today without mentioning the sad death of Alexander McQueen. There are thousands of words all across the internet about this tragedy and what an amazing man he was, but what sticks out to me is that he was just 40, and should have lived a lot longer - and it saddens me to think that mental health is still so overlooked. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010



Sorry about the silence. It has purpose this time. All will become clear very soon.

For now though, I thought I would share with you my Wednesday afternoon procrastination project.

Now, I am not usually one for slogans. 
I hopped on the Nu-Rave band wagon when i was 18, and bought a 'Drop beats not bombs' t-shirt in neon pink. I only ever wore it once to a Hadouken gig, and gave up on it soon after (and Nu Rave...).

If i were to wear a slogan these days, it would have to be something self indulgent.

Queue this:

New tote!

"Oh no she diii'n"

I'm not even sure how i pulled the creepy heroin-addict face above.

New bag

Anyway, yes, yes i did. I made a tote with my name on it. Well, not really my name, but my blog name. Is that worse?

What is more.. it wasn't a two minute project. Oh no. That would have left time for uni work. 

I decided to cut the individual letters out of a remnant of PVC fabric my sister used in textiles at school (where she made, without doubt, the most horrendous PVC handbag that has ever existed).

I then fabric glued them onto my tote, and straight stitched the edging of every letter in place.

Painstakingly cool.

New bagaroo

Moving on.

I have something very exciting to share with you tomorrow. For real.

Until then, lets get our social networking on! 
Please feel to use this post to leave your blog addresses, twitter pages, facebook groups, bloglovin pages ANYTHING. I want to get to know you better! 

On a similar note, i have a new email address, so if you want to get in contact/send me abuse, direct it HERE

Until tomorrow...