Thursday, 11 February 2010

New polka-square dress + R.I.P. + The NEWS!

Ok, so. I promised to tell you something fun today. 
You may have noticed a new tab to the left... Shop? Shop what? It links nowhere?
This weekend, i will be launching a shop. 

But what kind of shop? What will i sell?

WELL. I shall keep that under wraps for just a few more hours. Sozza! I hope this isn't so annoying that you won't even come back to see...  BECAUSE IT'S GONNA BE FUN I PROMISE!

To bridge the gap, I have to show you my new dress.
It's a beaut. 
I saw it on Gem's amazing blog months ago now, from when she went to a preview of H! by Henry Holland - his line for Debenhams. And i fell in love. With a dress? Yes. A polka-square dress.

It's a little shorter than i expected, and a much breezier fabric. Also the (fantastic) box pleat at the front provides a gal with a lot of material hanging around, and i found when walking today i had an awkward dress-inbetween-my-thighs situation every 5 seconds. 
So i am deffo not wearing it again without a slip of some kind.
It's my favourite dress in ages.
Be quiet and show me a picture already!


I have a reaaally important day tomorrow -  
Record label (NRONE)'s 5th Birthday Party gig!
I'm not only playing it... but also reporting from it for the BBC in a radio car! 
(Everything will be ok if i don't swear.. )


I don't think i could write a post today without mentioning the sad death of Alexander McQueen. There are thousands of words all across the internet about this tragedy and what an amazing man he was, but what sticks out to me is that he was just 40, and should have lived a lot longer - and it saddens me to think that mental health is still so overlooked. 


  1. This dress is pretty! I love the colors, and of course, the collar!

    Don't you just hate it when your dress goes between you thighs??

    good luck on your important day, I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. Love the outfit! Those shoes are great!

  3. Aww thank you for deeming my blog amazing! ♥
    LOVE the dress, it looks completely perfect on you. I hate the crotch-dress situation, I get that loads. MUST buy a slip.
    Can't wait to see what's in your shop xxxxx