Monday, 15 February 2010

NEW SHOP OPEN: come and take a look!

I can now reveal what i have been working on:

My new Shop!

Now, its pretty basic, BUT - It's not like a normal shop.

There will only be one item available at a time - and this will change like clockwork every month (or in the case that the item sells out).

Fun huh? 

Every design will be either an item of clothing or an accessory, but you won't know what is coming next (unless i drop a clue somewhere on my blog).

All of the designs are going to be made on a strictly limited run, and are, of course, made with my own little hands using the finest materials i can source!

So, What do you think of the first design? Too gross to wear? A candid reality of life as the tooth fairy?
I hope so.

Check back soon for a picture heavy post about how to wear your necklace!




  1. Wow, it's amazing!! Well done! And what a great idea for your shop! I love the idea of limited edition stuff.
    Depending on my pay packet this month, I may give you my custom! Although, I'm super squeamish so I might not be able to look at my reflection. But who cares, the necklace is awesome!!
    Well done, love!
    ALSO, checked out your band yesterday and it's really good. Your voice is just fantastic!
    ALSO, added you to my blogroll, can't fathom why I haven't done it sooner! Apologies!

  2. Lovvvve it Miss Little! I see it on stevie on friday, looked lush! Fab idea aswell with the one of a kind thing! Cant wait to see what else you make! xxx

  3. Can't wait for the outfittey post - love this idea for your shop!

  4. haha, awesome! love the idea, very clever lady you are! will definetely keep my eyes peeled every month!