Tuesday, 30 March 2010

NEW T.V. Show / BROWNIES recording / DUSKY shop

Just another quicky... 

As always, many things have prevented me from my bloggy wog, and this upsets me.

I'm in the studio this week recording with the band at the legendary Leeders Farm studio with David Pye himself - one of the leading men in beard owning.
We're getting 4 new tracks down before our beautiful drummer/best friend Mike moves away to Leeds next week, to pursue another drumming role with Dinosaur Pile Up. BOO HOO. 
On the bright side, we have a new song called 'Tropical Linda'. Need I say more?

I am also coming towards the end of uni too.. so things are intense as ever! However, as promised, it's not much longer to wait until my new Dusky shop item is up for sale - but for now, it is STILL possible to buy a tooth necklace - but be quick if you want one - because when they are gone they are gone!

I've also been making TONS of new DIY experiments that i need to share with you. To tide you over, my new online T.V. show is finally available online! It's only the pilot (we've already recorded the second episode) - and for some reason, i am talking like an animal in heat - apparently my nervous defense involves sex eyes and shoulder dancing.

Watch it here:

Hope yaaa'll well!

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  1. i think you look amazing!!! Your make up is so nice and the dress looks really cool and your voice is really suitable for this kind of show - this should totally be your future career!
    Well done! xxxxx