Friday, 21 May 2010

DIY FRIDAY - Hair Flower Clip tutorial

I would pretend that my disappearance from this blog has been because I am so much more important and busy than any other blogger (including you) and that I couldn't possible manage to write a blog every now and then because unlike you, I actually have a life, and stuff to do, and did I mention how important I am?
But that, my beautiful friends, would be telling LIES.

I actually have been very busy, but who isn't? 
This isn't a rhetorical question.
 I actually do not know anybody who isn't busy, do you?

I did decide to take a elongated break from blogging to coincide with the last month of my degree (which is now finished - WOO) because my fragile mental state could not handle thinking about much else.
I feel 100 times more inspired and motivated now, FOR LIFE.
So lets get it on.



DIY Hair Flowers
 Wearing flowers in your hair is not a new concept -and of course neither are faux-flower accessories. My problem is that I am a bad parent to my accessories (or any of my other possessions smaller than hand), and their cost does not sit comfortably with my negligence. 
This tutorial is really cheap and allows for ultimate customisation. WIN WIN.

First off, If you need some inspiration, you MUST stop off at these two ports of call:
  1. Loulou Loves You's new line of flower head pieces are to die for (if you have the money, I  URGE you to spend it this way) 
  2. South Pacific - WATCH IT AND LOVE IT.

You will need:
  • Some fake flowers (usually cheap - I got mine from Dunelm Mill - £1.40ish for a whole stalk of these ones below)
  • Very Strong Glue (Mine was £1.99 from B&Q)
  • Felt (a similar colour to your flowers)
  • Hair slide clips (any kind you like - these ones below are just my personal favourite and are beautifully cheap at £5.40 for 72, yes, 72. From SALLY)


1. Cut or carefully pull the flowers and leaves off of the fake flower stalk (you can buy these from home department stores - they come both big and small - so go NUTS)

2. Cut a small circle of felt and place it inbetween the clip



3. Arrange the flowers and leaves as you might like them on the clip (try to think of how it will sit in your hair)

4. One by one, carefully glue each flower onto the clip - catching any 'loose' glue with the felt. The trick to this step is to do it slowly - wait until your glue is tacky rather than wet and then hold each flower in place as it dries.



5. Wait for your clip to dry completely



(5.a. Trim the felt back a little if it is obvious! Also - If like me - Your felt is a different colour from your flower or leaf - colour it in with either felt tip or ink or water based paint - and 'fix' it with some hairspray)

6. Wear!


I swear, they are like pringles. 
Once you pop and all of that.
I keep making sordid little trips to garden centres and splurging on 'hair flowers'.


Are you a hair flower kind of person? How do you wear yours? 

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!


p.s. Thank you for sticking around and reading this after such a long break - You are my everything!


  1. i loooove this tutorial! i feel like i wanna rush out right now and buy some faux flowers!xxx

  2. Aww such a good DIY! I've missed you! Don't ever leave me again!
    I've been a bit of a blog abandoner lately too, uni just makes everything else fade into insignificance doesn't it? Don't even get me started on the sex life! Ha! Can't wait for my last hand-in of term tomorrow. Coming to think of it, I really must get on with my heaps of work!
    Welcome back my lovely love xxxxxx

  3. Wow! And here I am thinking man I need to go and buy them from someone else when I could be making them myself! I am so going to pick some up now! I've had a hot glue gun for a while...just no flowers but now hrm. Ideas! Ideas!