Monday, 24 May 2010

DIY NAIL ART - Gem Fatale!

I'm here to tell you a thing or two about:


Well, actually, I say nothing in this arena with any competence - I can't touch my cuticles because both their name and their existence makes me feel sick, and I have not once worn fake nails. 
However, I like painting, and more than that, if I have spent hours on a piece of art, I sure as hell want to see it 24/7 and have it handy to brag to brag about too.

So when one of my favourite people ever, Gem Fatale, showed us how to do DIY leopard print nailz (WAH style) REAAALLY easily (with the result being little masterpieces on each finger) I wept a single tear of sheer happiness. 

A tribute to her amazing blog post was the amount of people who emailed her their own DIY pictures (myself included) - and I don't know about the other DIYers, but the whole tutorial got me a little obsessed and carried away...

First of all, watch Gem's tutorial:

This was my first attempt:

Photo 9

An improved version can be seen in this becrazed picture taken a few days later: 

Photo 17
(Yes, that is a zombie tooth)

Then came the Monet inspired period:

Followed by another Gem influenced piece:


My Tribute:
Photo 28

This weekend, I attempted candy stripes. I instantly realised that I had become too cocky because every line ended up wonky. So instead, I am calling this - the blue zebra:


You must have a go at this! It's amazing how many people start to notice your nails!
 Also, Gem's blog is amazing - but you don't need me to tell you that - so go read her latest post!
I'm off for a pizza! Trying to decide what to wear (you know - for the inevitable hot cheese spill).

What other designs could I try?



  1. Actually amazing! You are such a dream xx
    I only got into nails about a month or so ago but it does just make you feel so nice when your nails look awesome, doesn't it? And so nice to tell people that you did it yourself! I don't think I can ever go back to plain nails.
    PS - I AM SO WITH YOU ON THE CUTICLES! They are such a no-go zone. Sick. xx

  2. OH my god these are amazing ! my nails are to short to do anything :/