Friday, 2 July 2010


I'm sooo all about being thrifty at the moment.

I have to be - I'm in the process of making the biggest purchase of my life to date (details to follow when everything is actually set in stone). 
It's mega exciting, but admittedly, my lack of golden nuggets has been draining my fun a bit!

Whenever I have to tighten the old purse strings, I turn to my bible - The Thrift Book by India Knight.

I've posted about it before because it is just exceptionally motivational.
She writes intelligently about simple thrift on a range of topics - from food, to beauty, to clothes and beyond. 
It's amazing. Enough said. Invest in a copy, or borrow it from the library and read it cover to cover. I insist!

So, my point, is that when faced with the cold and boring reality of keine Geld, make something out of nothing.


This is literally the culmination of aging scraps I found in my cupboard/fridge and a basic recipe with improvised extras




Caramelised onion, mustard and thyme scones, topped with crunchy sunflower seeds and Red Leicester


Served with butter, boyfriend and a best friend for a night in swapping football stickers (which were given to me in the first place... so it was super super free!). A happy alternative to wallowing in moneyless self-pity.

I'm not going to lie. Knowing that there are so many things I have been eyeballing for eternity in the summer sales at LouLou Loves YouAgent Provocateur, Vivienne Westwood and Topshop (to name just 1%), is SLOWLY CRUSHING MY SOUL. 
My lack of will power means that browsing them is unfortunately a daily occurance, but my new, tight fisted mind set just makes it is a fruitless, frigid activity that leaves me sad, lonely, and all the more frustrated.

Don't even get me started on festivals, holidays and summer nights out.

However, somewhere deep in my mind, I believe that it can actually be more fun, having no money. Seriously. 
It makes me appreciate everything single thing I am already lucky enough to have.

Saving money might not be sexy to most people, but a rancid turn off for me is having stuff you can't even recall buying two days after tapping in your 4 digit pin.
Food is just the beginning in my path to saving millions ... I'll show you more soon!



  1. Oh money.

    I miss you.

    70-odd days till student loan and the faux impression of riches, however.

  2. saving money IS sexy lol!

    looks yummy <3

  3. I loooove that book, makes me ashamed of some of the money/things i have wasted! Particulary food infact, those things look delishhhh.I am constantly worrying about how little money i seem to alwasy have, but i figure most of it is on good times and things that make me very happy (ie festivals) i shouldnt worry so. i just hope i will somehow have more money one day, bit wishful thinking i know but i may drive myself insane worrying about money if not. Hope your well chica! xxx

  4. Love being thrifty! will so borrow that book from the library (feels like a thrift-faux pas to buy it, non?
    miss you dusky, it was fun having you here!!!xxxx

  5. I'm right there with you. Saving money is an amazing feeling... if a little tough!! And I have to get my hands on this book you speak of...

  6. Totally agree! I find it so hard to save, especially when it comes to fashion blogging! Reading stuff on other people's blogs is a sure fire way to find a bunch of new stuff I didn't know I wanted! I'm all about thrift at the moment (spending money mostly in charity shops).
    Corinne x