Monday, 22 November 2010

Work Clothes

I’m really struggling to come to terms with the concept of work clothes.

When I was a student getting dressed was easy-peasy. Sometimes I didn’t even get dressed – I’d just wear nighties and watch films all day. I was living the cliché and loving it.

Now that I’ve graduated (see HERE) and I’m working two very different jobs, playing in two bands and presenting two radio shows - picking outfits has become a total chore. 
I don’t have any rules or guidelines to follow and that makes things EVEN HARDER because I’m constantly trying to assess what it acceptable and what is not acceptable in the work place. 
Most of my dresses and skirts only just cover my bee-hind and I’m pretty sure that’s not ok.

I wish I could wear nighties everywhere.

The stress of thinking about appropriateness means most days I wear plain clothes and no make up. This makes me feel rubbish and slightly sad. BOO HOO.

So I’m turning over a new leaf. From now on I shall stop wallowing in confusion. I will be dauntless in my clothing choices.

Here is today’s attempt at:

a)    Dressing for work at the BBC 

b)    Avoiding a Dana Scully skirt-suit





What do you wear to work? 



  1. a sexy black polo shirt... and black trousers..

    yuck yuck uniform

  2. Urgh i hate what i wear to work, plain boring and not me! and the label 'smart casual'... i never know whats acceptable and whats not! Really i wish i could work from home so i could stay in my warm pjs all day! Glad your back :) ! xxx